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May 05, 2010


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It is disgusting, especially as their "designers" are being paid to steal ideas. It should be easier to have these thieves penalised, or to get some form of acknowledgement or compensation. You've work hard to build up your independent business, only to have chain stores cheat their way to making millions!


You ought to start a new section on your side bar - Not 'as featured in' but one entitled 'as stolen by'... How sad that a 'designer' should do this to another.


Really sorry Lucy, that is beyond frustrating :-( xx

Danielle Butler

Well said Lucy! I couldn't have put it better.


That post made me kind of mad! I have loved your company for a while now, and as an independent business you should have some protection from big chains. I also often shop at Miss Selfridge, but my opinion of them has gone dooooown..

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